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Introducing the Sophia Project

Socio-Physical Interaction Skills for Cooperative Human-Robot Systems in Agile Production

SOPHIA Use-Case:
Hankamp Simulation

Sophia User Case @ Hankamp Gears

SOPHIA Use-Case:
HIDRIA Simulation

Sophia User Case @ HIDRIA

SOPHIA Use-Case:
VW Simulation

Sophia User Case @ Volkswagen

Instrumental based tool for monitoring and classifying biomechanical risks

Demonstrating SOPHIA scalability in a small healthcare use-case

SOPHIA Project - D8.1 Demonstrators (WearBots)

SOPHIA project - D8.3 Demonstrators

SOPHIA project - D7.2 Demonstrators

SOPHIA project - D9.1 Demonstrators

SOPHIA project - D8.3 Demonstrators

SOPHIA Action Recoginition Module using body posture

HRC and Ergonomics: A Pilot Study on Novice Users

Vision Based Dual Arm Manipulation of Flexible Objects (e.g., HIDRIA components)

A Deep Neural Architecture For Few-Shot Learning Of Novel Human-Inspired Grasp Strategies From RGB Data

Postural Optimization for Improved Ergonomics during Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks

Real-Time Motion Control of Robotic Manipulators for Safe Human-Robot Coexistence

D2.4 – Demonstrator 1: Practical musculoskeletal geometry scaling framework

D2.4 – Demonstrator 2: Speed comparison between off-line and new online calibration framework

SOPHIA results: Collaborative robots to relieve the burden of overhead tasks