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In the Press.

CoBot revolution


An interview with the project coordinator, Dr. Arash Ajoudani, was published in Quotidiano Nazionale newspaper.

Will an exoskeleton give me superpower?


Will an exoskeleton give me superpower?
SOPHIA researcher Dr. Shirley Elprama explains.

SOPHIA technology enablers and their contribution to pandemic preparedness and response


An interview with the project coordinator in OggiScienza (in Italian) on the role of SOPHIA technologies in pandemic preparedness and response.

Factories will be healthier thanks to collaborative robotics


Interview with the coordinator of the SOPHIA project, Arash Ajoudani, on the future of collaborative robots and the use of robotics in emergency scenario such as COVID-19.

SOPHIA in Corriere Della Sera


An interview with the coordinator of the SOPHIA EU  project (Dr. Arash Ajoudani) was published in Corriere Della Sera newspaper today. The article highlights the impacts of the project in improving the production flexibility and workers' ergonomics in manufacturing.

The visit of EU Commission President


The president of the EU commission visited VUB's AI experience center to learn more about the AI and robotics research including the research project SOPHIA.

SOPHIA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (H2020-ICT-2019-2/ 2019-2023) under grant agreement No. 871237